Kitagawa Seitai Chiropractic Center

What’s “整体”(Seitai)?

Seitai is Japanese traditional manual treatment by loosening stress point of systema Skeletale,
articulare and musculare, and by restoring qi(氣) energy flow.

  • This Center applies both (氣) Seitai and Chiropractic for the
    treatment of under-mentioned symptom.
  • Chiropractic of this Center is not using strong thrust force
    which may possibly damage joint and ligament.
  • Any subluxation is to be adjusted by loosening stress point,
    sending physical impulse in correct vector direction to cranial
    and spinal nerve and restoring total body balance.

The symptom to be treated. (clinical examples)

  • Acute or chronic low back pain, gonalgia, etc.
  • Stiffness and pain such like stiff neck by sleeping, shoulder pain, etc.
  • Disorder due to unsuitable movement of sports and daily activity.
  • Aftereffect of trauma which normally becomes inducing factor of various
    complaint such like headache, muscle pain, fatigue, etc by unknown reason.

Access Information

Kitagawa Seitai Chiropractic Center is two minutes walk from Nakameguro station of Tokyu Toyoko Line and Hibiya Subway Line.

Meitsu-Fuyoku Nakameguro building (Room 307).
At ground flloor, please push the button 307 and then the button ‘呼出’ to open the door.


Please Call 03-5722-5012
E-Mail info@kitagawa-chiro.jp
Open – Close 10AM – 8PM (Tue. to 2PM)
Closure of Center Sunday & Japanese Holiday

6,500 fee for the treatment for about one hour including restoring total body balance and 氣 energy flow.